About US

Mission and Vision

TaxAccount is a consulting firm specialized in accounting, tax and payroll compliance, in English and Spanish, using a methodology adapted to the needs of each customer and a quick-reply policy. We aim at becoming a strategic partner to our customers by: (i) providing them with quality financial information for making decisions, (ii) supporting them in their incorporation process with information on the Chilean market, and, (iii) covering most back office activities of their operation, thus allowing them to focus solely on the success of their business


Corporate Values

Trustworthy relationships

We seek to develop long, lasting relationships of trust and transparency with our customers, suppliers and employees in order to guarantee to each of them that we will fulfill our role in the business chain.



We always act with honesty and integrity and are fully committed to law, norms and regulation compliance as well as to the highest ethics in the development of our profession and in the rendering of our services.



We show our commitment to excellence in the rendering of our services by implementing a Quality Management System in order to receive feed-back from our customers, suppliers and employees about our business process.


Independence and Accountability

We are independent in the exercise of our profession, continually seeking to find and eliminate conflicts of interest. TaxAccount is also responsible for all commitments made with customers, suppliers and its employees just as its employees are responsible for their actions and work as well as the outcome of the same.